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About Tibetan Translator

We are a group of talented translators from the snow-covered plateau. We both have a profound cultural background of Tibetan language. Some partners have been studying abroad for many years or graduated from a famous domestic university. We came back to hometown after graduation. Although we were busy in different jobs, we build online translation platform of Tibetan Translator in our adept scientific and linguistic field in order to provide Tibetan, Chinese,English and other language translation for our society. Welcome more Tibetan translators to join us.

PO Procedure

Orders can be placed by users themselves in four steps without any fussy consultations.

  • Step 1: Choose language and standards

Translate Procedure

We will take every order seriously. Each order will be sure to be handled via four steps.

  • 1.Read the source language, audit content and price.

  • Cooperation

  • Experience

  • Comments

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